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Take the Piano Owner Quiz

By Steve Haag, Iowa Piano Guy

This brief quiz covers some of the basics that every piano owner should know.  It’s easy and fun.  See how you do.


1.  Why should you keep your piano in tune?

a.  For proper ear training.

b.  For greater enjoyment of playing.

c.  To keep you from embarrassment when people come over.

d.  To retain the piano’s value.

e.  All of the above.


2.  According to manufacturers, how often should the average piano be tuned?

a.  Every twenty years.

b.  Every ten years.

c.  Every five years.

d.  At least twice a year.


3.  How long should a piano be allowed to sit in direct sunlight?

a.  One hour per day.

b.  Five minutes per day.

c.  It doesn’t matter how long.

d.  A piano should never be allowed to sit in direct sunlight.


4.  When should a piano be regulated for proper playing ability or “touch”?

a.  When you hear a “double-strike” when playing a key.

b.  When keys are difficult to play repeatedly.

c.  After about a thousand hours of playing time.

d.  When any of the above is true.


5.  What is the best range of humidity for your piano?

a.  20% to 80%

b.  30% to 60%

c.  38% to 46%


6.  What happens to your piano when humidity is too high?

a.  Strings can get rusty.

b.  Keys swell up and may “stick”

c.  Piano goes sharp and out of tune.

d.  All of the above.


7.  What happens to your piano when the humidity is too low?

a.  The soundboard and bridges may develop cracks.

b.  The tuning pins may become loose.

c.  Action screws will become loose, causing clicks when playing.

d.  Piano goes flat and out of tune.

e.  All of the above.


8.  Who is the best person to install a humidity control system into your piano?

a.  Your mother.

b.  Your mailman.

c.  Your neighbor.

d.  Your piano technician.


Answers:  1 e; 2 d; 3 d; 4 d; 5 c; 6 d; 7 e; 8 d

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