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Piano manufacturers recommend that pianos be tuned at least twice a year.  

If you don't require tuning that often, I suggest once a year on the same month each year. 

Tuning Price

My price for tuning is $160 in the Greater Des Moines area. If other work is needed it could be more.

A subsequent tuning within six months will receive a discount.

Travel charge outside the Greater Des Moines area would be additional.

The travel charge could be divided between customers if it would be $10 or more.

Correction of Pitch

Sometimes, after a number of years, a piano can become quite flat.

If this is the case, I would rough tune the piano one or more times as necessary to bring it up to pitch before tuning.

If the pitch is flat and this is necessary, the price for each rough “pitch raise” would be an additional $80. 

I would have to see the piano first and let you know if the piano is that far off of standard pitch.


This scheduling software locates my appointments within 20 minutes drive of each other.

(If you are out of town, look for a day WITH ONLY ONE OR TWO times available

OR book several weeks out so others in your area may book that day.)


If you need service on a P L A Y E R  P I A N O or DIGITAL KEYBOARD, don't schedule,

send me an email ( and I will give referrals.




To just send a message, email at (HIGHLY PREFERRED)

If you must call, call my office at (USA only) 515-278-4840

Be prepared to ASK A SPECIFIC QUESTION with your Name, City, Days & Times you are available, and Callback Phone Number.

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