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Links To Piano Related Information, Products and Services

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Buying an Acoustic Piano

An article by Larry Fine on the Piano World website

Piano Buyer (

This website has articles for piano owners and buyers about:

  • Piano brands and company profiles

  • Piano models and prices

  • New pianos

  • Used and restored pianos


Tips on Buying a Piano (

Piano Life Saver System (

This system installs right inside your piano to protect it from humidity's damaging extremes.

Introduction to Piano Tuning (,ideal%2C%20a%20property%20called%20inharmonicity)

Caring for a Piano (

Antique Piano Shop (


Piano Desk (

Check out this website for ideas before you discard an old upright piano.

Blue Book of Pianos (​)

Your piano's age and research

Player Piano Service Technicians (

Player piano technicians and rebuilders in Central United States. Several are in the Central Iowa area.

Piano Mart (

Buy or sell a piano.

Piano Covers (

Piano Street (

Classical piano pieces - print and recording

Make an Appointment


PIANO TEACHERS (click here for piano teachers in central Iowa)

  • Teachers: Contact me if you want your information on the new page link

  • Email your name and contact info

  • We can even provide a link to your website

Do You Want To Tune Pianos:

Some useful advice

Contact me for more information

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